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As a number of groundbreaking speculative fiction anthologies have shown (Dark Matter, Cosmos Latinos, So Long Been Dreaming, Three Messages and a Warning, Mothership, and Long Hidden), there are rich alternate traditions of speculative fiction both within and outside the United States.  Latin@ Rising hopes to join this cadre of anthologies which are expanding our perception of speculative fiction.


Likewise, by showing the actual breadth of genres being used by U.S. Latino/a authors and artists, Latin@ Rising will help expand the notion of what U.S. Latino/a literature and art entails.




Over the past couple of years a number of events and conference panels have been formed to discuss U.S Latino/a speculative fiction.



A number of different lists of U.S. Latino/a speculative fiction have been compiled.  Each have their own take on the genre.  Here are a couple:





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Latinos/as have a long history of using speculative fiction to confront issues of social oppression and to express the hope for a better future.  We can look back, for example, to the farm worker movement and Luis Valdez’s play “Los Vendidos” where Mexican and Chicano/a figures are represented by robots.


It is in this tradition that this project is being developed through the effort of a large and diverse community.  We will rely on grants and donations from Latino/a community organizations, universities, and foundations.  Once the book is published we will offer to hold book readings at the various institutions that were involved.


We have received a Diverse Writers Grant from the Speculative Fiction Foundation.


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