Exciting Times

Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction and Fantasy is the first anthology

to bring together U.S. Latinos/as who are working in science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative genres.


It is truly an exciting time for Latino/a speculative fiction and there is a large movement of fans and scholars who are recovering its history and promoting the work of contemporary writers and artists.

 Why Latino/a Speculative Fiction?

Although not all of Latino/a speculative fiction deals with migration, much of it does.  And if there was ever a time that the nation needed an alternate-world  vision of immigration policy, that time is now.




Support Immigration Reform

Speculative fiction is steeped in the history of colonialism.  Science fiction in particular has been a way for society to covertly deal with the anxieties it has concerning Latinos/as and recent immigrants.  But, Latino/a speculative fiction writers and artists are now telling their own stories from "the wrong side of the strange-looking ship that appears out of nowhere," as Nalo Hopkinson writes.


ADÁL Maldonado

Coconauts in Space

Alex Rivera

A Robot Walks into a Bar

Dulce Pinzón

The Real Story of the Superheroes

Sabrina Vourvoulias


If you want to get involved contact the editor of the anthology:

Matthew David Goodwin


If you are new to the topic, you can check out these  works to get you going.  All visually compelling, these works connect science fiction and fantasy to current concerns of Latinos/as.

Where to start?

Latin@ Rising is partially funded by a grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation,

which supports excellence in science fiction and fantasy.

Latin@ Rising

An anthology of speculative

fiction and art created

by Latinos/as living in the

United States

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Matthew David Goodwin